About Kapernekas Property Management & Investments

We are a full-service family owned and operated residential Property Management & Investments company located in Santa Barbara, California. Our licensed and experienced management team is trained to develop a solid understanding of individual property needs. Property owners and tenants alike will take immediate notice of our steadfast commitment to excellence, professionalism, and customer service. We invite you to take a few moments to learn more about us and how we might serve you.

Kapernekas PMI has extensive experience in managing portfolios of residential income properties. We understand the recipe for maximizing your long-term return on investment, and we will work diligently to apply this winning formula to your rentals. Our top priorities to owners are to minimize vacancy rates, maintain the properties in a cost effective manner, and increase both property values and cash flow over the long term.

With multi generational experience in property management behind us, we understand how to manage risk throughout the tenancy. In order to best ensure mitigation of losses, we follow rigid guidelines from the time of tenant screening until the final walk-through inspection. By choosing Kapernekas PMI you will be getting a comprehensive solution that can be tailored to your needs. Our comprehensive array of services include rent collection, marketing vacancies, 24x7 availability for emergency calls, contractor supervision and much more.

Our mission to bring quality tenants and owners together throughout the San Francisco and Santa Barbara Areas is ongoing. Our top priorities to tenants are to be responsive, offer unparalleled service, and showing them appreciation in hopes of their desire to renew their lease.

Our time, energy, and expertise are devoted to delivering real estate management solutions that suit property owners’ needs. We ask that you give Kapernekas Property Management & Investments the opportunity to serve you and tilt the odds in your favor. Your bottom-line will fully appreciate how thorough we are.

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Property Management & Investments

711 N Voluntario St
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