At Kapernekas Property Management & Investments, hard assets are highly regarded. If you are looking for property in the Santa Barbara or San Francisco Bay Areas, we can help you make an informed investment decision. Kapernekas PMI specializes in both locating value in prospective purchases and in uncovering value in residential dwellings that you already own. Maximizing cash flow and making prudent investment decisions is our business.

When making any investment decision, it is important to consider the interest rate environment. Interest rates will generally help one gauge the current rate of inflation and its investment implications. While it is debatable whether inflation will become a problem for the U.S. economy in the short term, here at Kapernekas PMI, we are not taking our chances. We are actively working to position our clients for the long haul. In fact, we feel the more pressing need is to be more guarded against inflation, particularly with respect to investments with a long duration.

On a short-term or cyclical basis, one need not worry much about a spike in U.S. interest rates. The secular outlook, on the other hand, warrants caution with respect to protecting one’s self from inflation. The best way to prepare one’s self against future price shocks is to hold tangible assets (i.e. real estate). We fervently believe a collection of tangible assets will be an important inflation-fighting tool.

We ask that you not hesitate to contact us as we are waiting to rigorously research your property needs. Whether this is the purchase of your first home or your fiftieth investment property, your capital will be well treated here. We can help you determine whether your purchase is an efficient use of capital. We spend countless hours scouring the market to bring value to our customers. We would like to represent you in your next residential property transaction whether you’re buying or selling to trade up.

Through devoted customer care, we take our time with each client to ensure the process is as seamless as possible. From the initial decision to buy or sell a home to the actual closing, we will be with you every step of the way. Our clients have been extremely satisfied with the extent of devotion and loyalty provided by Kapernekas Property Management & Investments.

Our diverse California real estate experience enables us to anticipate problems and to solve them before they have an impact on your transaction, rather than reacting to problems after the fact. If a variable can be controlled - we control it.

Talk to a Kapernekas Investments Agent about the following real estate services:

  • Full Service Residential Buyer Representation
  • Full Service Residential Seller Representation
  • Residential Investor Representation
  • Helping to determine whether a short sale is right for you

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